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Deer Creek's Newest Cheese The Robin is Flying Off Shelves
News Release, The Artisan Cheese Exchange, May 14, 2015
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Deer Creek Cheddars Win Seven Top Awards
News Release, The Artisan Cheese Exchange, August 5, 2014
SHEBOYGAN, WI – Deer Creek Specialty and World Cheddars were awarded seven top awards this past week at two of the most prestigious cheese competitions. More »

Wisconsin Dominates ACS Awards with 92 Ribbons
Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board - Media Release, August 6, 2013
MADISON, WI: Wisconsin cheesemakers, along with the state's yogurt and butter makers, captured the top number of ribbons More »

Local Cheese Companies Win Big
News Release, The Artisan Cheese Exchange, August 5, 2013
Three local cheese companies walked away with a combined total of eleven ribbons at the 2013 American Cheese Society More »

Our Partnered Cheese Makers Celebrate Their Award Winning Cheeses at the 2013 American Cheese Society Conference & Competition
Madison, Wisconsin, August 1 - 4, 2013
The ACS competition celebrated its 30th anniversary this year with a record number of entries; More »

Wisconsin's Top Cheesemakers Reap Rewards at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest
Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board - Media Release, March 19, 2013,
MADISON, Wis. (March 19, 2013) — Wisconsin not only dominated the competition at the recent U.S. Championship Cheese Contest in Green Bay, but More »

2013 United States Championship Cheese Contest Results
Green Bay, WI, March 12-13, 2013
The contest results are complete! The Artisan Cheese Exchange would like to congratulate More »

US Producers Exhibit Prize-Winners as Export Deal Gets Go-Ahead
Fine Food Digest, Editorial written by Patrick McGuigan, January / February, 2013
With a new distribution deal set to more bring more US cheese to the UK, More »

10 Wisconsin Cheeses to Try in 2013
'Cheese Underground" Blog by Jeanne Carpenter, Friday, December 28, 2012
I'd rather look forward and see what our innovative Wisconsin cheesemakers are cooking up. That means I've set my sights on THE 10 "must-try" Wisconsin cheeses of 2013. Buckle up. Here we go. More »

United Grates of America
'Good Cheese' Magazine, Editorial written by Jeanne Carpenter, 2012-13
Forget your preconceptions about processed US cheese. New artisan producers are crafting hundreds of unique 'American Originals' - and even starting to ship them back to the Old World, as US dairy writer and 'cheese geek' Jeanne Carpenter reports. More »

Wisconsin Leads U.S. in Total Awards at World Contest
Website:, Madison, December 10, 2012
Wisconsin cheesemakers claimed a total of 31 awards at the recent 2012 World Cheese Awards competition, the largest cheese contest in the world. More »

U.S. Cheesemakers Plan Charm Offensive in U.K.
'The Grocer' Magazine - Article by Richard Ford, December 1, 2012
First American craft brewers set out to win over U.K. consumers. Now artisanal US cheesemakers are launching a charm offensive. More »

NEC, Birmingham, UK, November 28, 2012
The Artisan Cheese Exchange, a main sponsor of the World Cheese Awards More »

'The Best of American Cheeses' To Launch in Britain
Press Release, Mike Evans, Notus Associates Ltd, United Kingdom, November 23, 2012
Five of the most respected artisan and speciality cheesemakers from the United States will travel More »

Deer Creek Cheddars
'Cheese Underground' Blog by Jeanne Carpenter, Thursday, August 16, 2012
When a pair of never-heard-of-before "Deer Creek" cheeses nearly swept the highly-coveted Aged Cheddar category at the American Cheese Society awards this month More »

Raleigh, North Carolina August 1-4, 2012
The Artisan Cheese Exchange would like to congratulate all the winners of the 2012 ACS Conference More »

American Cheese Society's 29th Annual Conference and Competition
Raleigh, North Carolina, August 1 - 4, 2012
The Artisan Cheese Exchange will be in attendance More »

The Wisconsin State Fair Announces its 2012 Cheese Winners
Wisconsin State Fair Website -- Competition; Judging Results, June 25, 2012
An annual event, the Wisconsin State Fair, recently held its ‘Cheese & Butter Contest’ for 2012. More »

American Pastoral
Gourmet Traveller 'Wine' (Australia) - Text by Max Allen and Will Studd, April / May 2012
The land of the free isn't just home to the brave but also an impressive selection of artisanal cheeses that beg to be paired with local wines and ales. More »

Wisconsin Cheesemakers Continue Winning Streak at 2012 World Contest
Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Website -- Media, March 16, 2012
Wisconsin cheesemakers added to their record-setting achievements at the recent World Championship Cheese Contest More »

Why the USA is One to Watch
Fine Food Digest, Michael Lane Reporting, January - February, 2012
The supreme winner may have been French but it was cheese from America that took judges by surprise at the World Cheese Awards. More »

U.S. Cheese Makers Take Top Honors As The World Cheese Awards Winners Are Announced
NEC, Birmingham, UK, November 23, 2011
For over 20 years, the World Cheese Awards has been bringing together buyers and sellers from the dairy industry worldwide. More »

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