Exporting the Passion Worldwide


The United States is seeing burgeoning growth in new and unique American original cheeses. Cheesemakers in the Midwest, New England, the Pacific Northwest, California and throughout the U.S. have demonstrated a renewed passion for the centuries-old craft, winning awards for their top quality artisan, organic, specialty and farmstead cheeses.

We believe the time has come for these American originals and their producers to be recognized in the thriving international marketplace. The Artisan Cheese Exchange, a dairy export management and trading company, was established to help America’s finest cheese artisans take advantage of the worldwide passion for cheese and penetrate new markets through export programs.

Our family name has been synonymous with top quality cheese for three generations. A big part of our family’s success has been building long-term relationships with cheesemakers and customers, fostering development of focused product assortments and successful marketing programs. Years of industry knowledge, combined with a love for the romance and flavor of fine cheese, prepare us for this venture. We know that Chris’s father and grandfather would be proud to see us continue the family tradition.